If you are reading this, you’re as excited about the Avroscape luxury flight watch as we are!

Propeller Watch Company is a Canadian micro watch brand.  We have already brought the highly successful RestoMod dive watch to market, and we decided to take flight to another level of stratosphere by creating the upscale Avroscape watch.

The Avroscape is our homage to the Canadian CF-105 Avro Arrow which took flight in 1958.  This jet was extremely ahead of the world by clocking an impressive Mach 2 using new ideas in airframe and airflow design namely the delta wing.  The use of the delta wing blends the wings and tailfins together allowing for the pilot to maintain control at high speeds.  Other design requirements were and extremely high ceiling flight capabilities and the ability to withstand the cold Canadian weather.  We use a delta wing marker for the 12 position on the watch dial to celebrate this design cue.

Here at Propeller Watch Co., we want to bring an exciting modern timepiece to the market while also celebrating our Canadian Heritage.   The dial has a special starburst light blue that changes depending on the environment.  In low light it reflects a dark blue color, and in the bright daylight looks teal blue.  The domed sapphire crystal gives the watch an almost liquid jewel appeal and the date complication at the three position balances nicely with the other indicators on the face.

The Swiss Lume on time indicators and hands have the ability to hold a bright long lasting glow when transitioning from bright into dark environments.  The Stainless Steel case measures 40 mm, and is designed to fit both narrow to large wrist sizes. 

The watch is powered by the accurate Japanese Miyota automatic movement.

The water resistant 200M case has a laser etched Avro Arrow design with the model number 2503-01 representing the date of the Avro Arrow’s first flight March 25th 1958. The 01 represents the fist production line model of this watch design.

When we designed this watch, we focused on the details such as the combination of brushed Stainless Steel with polished Stainless Steel to give a rhythmical layered design when seen from the sides.  The brushed Stainless Steel bracelet uses the elegant double clasp mechanism to have a seamless flow of links finished with the etched Propeller logo.  The Propeller logo is also on the end of the diamond shaped grip of the crown.  This crown screws down for water-resistance, but also provides a date and time adjust complication when unwound from the case.  The raised hour marker on the dial also features a shiny steel color which gives the watch a three-dimensional feeling against the blue background of sky.

If production of this watch begins in April, we should expect to be able to send the Avroscape watches to you as early as July 14th, but we are using the date of August 17 in case there are any unforeseen transportation delays.


The funds we are raising will be used entirely for manufacturing, packaging, transportation, taxes, and storage.  The Avroscape watch will retail for $500 CAD per piece, so presales on Kickstarter is a 20% discount.

Bring the Avroscape to life and onto your wrist, or as a gift to a person you care about. You will not only help us create this beautiful timepiece, you will immortalize an achievement in Canadian history.