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Propeller Watch Co™

Modern Watches with a Retro Design

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Fly, Dive, and Drive...

with precision

Model wearing RestoMod Propeller watch and necklace

Propeller Watches

Propeller Watches are a blend of retro designs with modern technological precision.  Each watch is created with durability in mind such as non-scratch sapphire crystals and a water-resistance ratings to qualify as dive watches.  

We consider ourselves modern-day rebels in the watch industry, reimagining precision design with simplicity and timeless appeal.  Each watch is crafted with attention to artistic detail.  

There seems to be a movement in watch companies towards large typefaces, gaudy looks, and fake jewels.  Here at Propeller Watch Co., we are going the other way.  In fact, the Squadron 007-01 watch was created with a  minimal logo so that the aesthetic of the grey/black dial shines through.  This adds a subtle faded look to the watch.

The RestoMod watch is deigned with the opposite idea.  Just like a Resto mod car it does have a larger logo, but it also has a few subtle things such as a tag of RestoMod in red that can only be seen in bright light.  The logo is raised in silver but can only be seen with indirect light.  The chapter ring 24 Hour markers are to pay homage to the military aesthetic, while also not emphasizing the “diver” design until seen in the dark with its bright glow.

As a new Canadian company entering the watch brand marketplace, we pride ourselves on creating the best watches we can sell for a reasonable cost.  We hope you like our brand and enjoy our designs.


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Propeller Watch Co.™ is a Canadian company specializing in rugged Aviation, Automotive and Marine inspired designs and specifications.

Despite today’s  trend towards modernization, we strive to reimagine a look-back to the era of high quality stainless steel and durable leather goods.   These afford our watches  a timeless look and dependable workmanship; timepieces that would appeal to your father’s era as well as your son’s.

Our success is driven by you.  We welcome your feedback, which will help us continue to provide the best service as well as maintain the integrity of our brand.

Feel free to share with us your review of our watches and leather goods.  Better yet,  send us images showing you wearing our watches, and perhaps we can include them on our social platform.  We may even send you a discount on your next purchase.

Avroscape Watch

Squadron 007-01 Watch

Maple Leaf

Proudly Canadian

treasure chest

1 Gallon (1Litre) Full body red wine.

1/2 cup sugar.

1/8 tsp hot red pepper flakes.

1 Apple and/or 1 Pear- peeled, cored and sliced thin.

12 corsely chopped raw almonds.

3 slices fresh ginger.

12 cloves

2″ cinnamon stick

combine all ingredients in a glass container for either 24 hours to a few days.  Strain well and refrigerate.